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pizza margherita Usually when you think of an holiday, you are used to choose a place to stay were you can find also a good cooking tradition, here in penisola sorrentina we are proud of our big variety of product worldwide famous, starting from the fruits cropped from our trees ending with all our typical dishes and also the liqueurs.

We would to remember here our excellent olive oil Penisola Sorrentina,that recently got the DOP certification that has got a unique feature its taste and perfum of rosemary, that give to our dishes a more pleasant taste, this kind of characteristic allowed to our product to be prized in many events.

icecream Also Sorrento lemons are famous thanks to their perfum, this lemons are the main ingredient of the most famous of our spirits, the liqueur called limoncello, the fame of this liqueur has gone much more than anyone could imagine, at the moment to produce limoncello we have only lemons from Sorrento IGP, just because they give a better body to the liqueur. The lemons are used a lot also in our pastry tradition, as today we know a lot of cakes with lemon flavour among them we remember the "delizia al limone" , and lemon cake.
The property all around the villa is 4000 square meters, here we have lemons and olives trees and from them with traditional techniques we produces either Lemons with IGP certification or olive oil with DOP certification. Here at the villa from September to October you can see the olives cropping process and if you are interested into this subject you can visit the oil mill to realize how we can get a such high quality oil from olives. We share our products with our guests, and we suggest accordingly to their wishes also typical foods of the area.

Inside the apartment we are used to leave as free samples some of our typical products, usually jams ( lemons , mandarins , oranges ) , DOP olive oil and limoncello, some of this products are produced by us, some others are sold by the Solagri company created here in the peninsula that produce jams from all IGP citruses that you can find in the area, that received in the last year a lot of prizes.

Among all the famous dishes we have in this area we would like to remember:

First courses
  • the famous pizza Napoletana
  • spaghetti with zucchini and shrimp
  • rag napoletano
  • scialatielli
  • fisherman rice dish

Second courses
  • parmigiana of artichoke
  • parmigiana of aubergines
  • mussel with pepper
  • fish cooked into the salt

  • il bab
  • Zeppole di San Giuseppe
  • Chiacchiere
  • Torta Caprese
  • Struffoli
  • Sfogliatelle
  • Roccoco
  • Pastiera

  • mozzarella
  • caciocavallo
  • caciotte
  • provolone del monaco

  • Limoncello
  • Nocino

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